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Dress Code

Face Mask Policy

Masks are required for everyone over the age of two (2), while at the Club (even when outside, including the parking lot) unless:

  • Actively playing or practicing outdoor tennis or platform tennis
  • Actively playing or practicing golf
  • Actively participating in an outdoor fitness class
  • Swimming in the Pool
  • Actively eating/drinking

Masks must be worn over the nose, mouth and chin. Political or provocative mask expressions are not permitted.


  • Members and guests attending private functions or special events on the second floor of the Clubhouse should adhere to current club policies for dress in those areas, which require jackets and for men and equivalent dress for ladies.
  • Hats must be worn "visor forward" in all areas of the Club.
  • Attire should be tasteful and reflective of the Club's conservative traditions.


  • No jeans, collarless shirts, swimwear, bare feet, bare midriffs or hats.
  • Before 6 p.m. - No sports attire except in the Tap & Card Rooms.
  • After 6 p.m. - Maryland & Terrace Rooms, Drawing Room & Sun Porch:
    • Jackets, collared dress shirts and trousers for men and ladies' equivalent for women.
    • Jackets are not required from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
    • Tap and Card Rooms: Country Club casual. Golf and tennis attire permitted.

Clubhouse Lawn

  • No jeans, collarless shirts, swimwear, bare feet or bare midriffs.
  • Country club casual. Golf and tennis attire permitted.

Winter Center, Winter Center Patio & Bowling Green

  • No swimwear, bare feet or bare midriffs. No hats inside.
  • Upper Level - No collarless t-shirts.
  • Casual and sports attire permitted, including jeans.

Fitness Center

  • Appropriate workout attire (no torn clothing); no bare midriff. Members must change in and out of clothes in the locker rooms.


  • Spikeless shoes (soft spikes) required. Men: collared shirts; (Short sleeve mock T's are not permitted.) Women: ladies' equivalent. (No jeans or short shorts.)


  • Appropriate swimming attire; clothing must be changed in locker rooms. Swim attire may not be worn on Club grounds other than to and from the Pool Locker Rooms.


  • Tennis whites with minimal color accents, tennis shoes, ladies' fashion T-shirts, and men's collared shirts.